Monday, March 18, 2013

Letter "O" Fun

We had a great week this week with the letter "O" As usual I enjoyed your preschoolers so much! They constantly amaze me with their creativity and intelligence. Here is a short summary of what we did this week.

We created stunning owl babies and their mamas (from top right clockwise T, Rh, A, Ro this is how I will abbreviate names for safety)

 We played a fun owl math games with some cute owls and eggs (convenient time to pull out Easter eggs). I am so impressed with how well everyone is doing with identifying their numbers. I have been trying to work with the children on the numbers 1-5 and they are coming along quite well!

 We had a lot of fun with imaginative play and owls. T was so cute with the owl rocks. He wanted to play with those little guys all day. I think he is a fan of little toys :) I'll keep that in mind when his Birthday comes around. Look at that sweet face, I love this little guy!

T did a GREAT job counting out the eggs and identifying the numbers. 

A little more pretend play from these cute girls!

I'm sorry it looks like I just randomly dropped the pictures. I have just barely enough time to get the pictures up here, so til I get a little more practice, it may not be the prettiest formatting. Just focus on your cute kids and maybe you won't notice my poor blogging skills!

We took a hike in the woods to look for owls. We had to be really quiet and use our binoculars. I think we may have heard an owl once but it was tough to tell because we heard a lot of birds chirping as well.

We often take turns leading the way when we are on our outdoor adventures. A is showing us the way up the hill in the above picture. I am always so proud of how well everyone makes their way through the brush. Sometimes its tough for them to manuever those little legs through the big sticks but they all love it so much that they don't really care!
Here A is turning around and waiting for us slow pokes. She is a great hiker and I am always happy that I can count on her to keep trucking along at a nice pace It seems that we are never all walking at the same speed. We usually have a leader and a caboose and everything in between, but not by my direction! This is nice for learning to do things together as a group and that everyone does things differently. A is never the slow poke and is usually helping others to keep with her pace and I appreciate that!

I love this because they are "Hooing" like owls! Apparently, they all want to be owls and stay up all night long. I doubt they would like sleeping all day though. They were so great at sharing the binoculars we brought a long as we looked for owls, I know they were sleeping in those trees somewhere.

We practiced writing our own letter "O" during circle time on Thursday.

Again sorry about the strange formatting. Check out A in the left picture above. She is so proud of her letter "O" writing. They absolutely love it when they get a chance to write on the white boards.

Look at those PERFECT letter "Os" that Rh made. I was amazed at how well she drew them on the line and in the right spot. That is tough to get the children drawing in the right area and she nailed it! I can always count on Rh to be a great example to us all :)

I forgot to take the camera out on Thursday, but we made a trip down to the pond and discovered an island that we hiked to the top of. Ro also showed everyone the frog eggs that her and her Daddy found in the pond. There are tons of little clusters of them. We all felt them and they feel just like those little water beads that we are planning on playing with in preschool soon. Squishy, slimy, and wet but very cool! Take a look below at what we found in our yard last week. We definitely will be looking for one of these in the pond with our new nets. Don't be surprised if you pick up a new pet newt after preschool this week...just kidding! We definitely need to explore the difference between newt and salamander though because I have no idea. That is pretty important when you are hunting them, right?

By the way, this guy was huge!

I almost forgot to show our little family of owls. I just love these, they are so adorable. Didn't they do a wonderful job making them? We also were sad to miss T on Thurs so we made him the orange owl. Now he has one of his own to play with. 

It was a great week in preschool! I can't wait to see what this next week brings. Stay tuned for activities for home to go along with the letter "P"

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