Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Few Letter Q Activities

Oh the letter "Q" is just a quality letter :) Here are a few easy letter Q activities to keep your preschooler entertained.

Quarter Rubbings

Glue a quarter to cardstock or a piece of cardboard.  Have your child place a paper over the cardboard and then color over it with a crayon. We discussed heads and tails this week in preschool so talking about those with your preschooler would be a great way to further our learning. To make this activity last a little longer, you could have your preschooler cut out the quarters for some cutting practice. I would love to see how these turn out, so feel free to post a picture to our facebook page!

Quarter Patterns

We briefly identified coins in our discussion of quarters. Have your child make patterns out of quarters and another coin (maybe pennies because of the clear distinction from a quarter). 

20 Questions

It can be hard to travel even short distances with a preschooler, so try playing twenty questions next time you get in the car. It may help if you have an older sibling help to participate in this. When you are driving in the car have your child choose something and then ask yes or no questions to try and figure it out what they are thinking of. Remember to remind them that question starts with the letter q. We may not be quite ready for this concept but it is worth a shot, definitely have them choose the object and you guess though.

Wonderful Link

Below is a great link that has tons of printables that would work well with our discussion of quilts and the letter q.

"The Kindness Quilt"
Remind your preschooler to be kind at home this weekend because we discussed the many ways we can be kind in our homes and to our neighbors. This would be a great opportunity to take a treat to the neighbors because Minna in "The Kindness Quilt" delivered carrot soup to her neighbors. A few of our class members weren't quite sure if they had neighbors, so maybe some cookies rather than carrot soup would be a nice way to introduce them :)  Minna, is a rabbit, so carrot soup suited her neighbors!

Q Tip Painting
 We had some fabulous q-tip painting on Tuesday that was a big hit. I am sure your preschooler would love to participate in this activity again at home. It is very easy to set up and should keep them entertained for quite a while!

 Here are some pictures of the process and beginnings of the amazing artwork that came from our talented preschoolers:

Your children our wonderful! HAPPY FRIDAY and good luck with your quality letter q learning!

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